One of the longest and narrowest countries of the world that owns a unique conjunction of extraordinary geographical and climatic conditions and its land is isolated and protected by four natural frontiers: The desert of Atacama, the Andes range, the Pacific Ocean and the Antarctic.


The Region of southern Chile, a part of the world that is virtually untouched, with virgin soils and extremely pure air. Consider one of the most unpolluted areas of the world.
Tourist from around the world visit Patagonia to enjoy the Eco tourism, the Torres del Paine park, its mountains, glaciers, rivers and lakes.


Aonni is bottled from its natural source by the border of the Strait of Magellan, in an area of 1,200 acres that is protected from any industrial or human intervention.
The source of water springs from a natural aquifer formed by glacifluvial soils that have been linked to sedimentary and erosive processes for the last 10,000 years. It is collected at the spring and piped to the bottling facility using only gravity (no mechanical device are employed).


Our brand is inspired by the name Aonikenk (which meant “People of the south”), an extinct ethnic group that were originally nomadic hunters from northern Strait of Magellan.
The design of our bottle reminds a traditional ritual of another ethnic group, the Selknam. During the Hain ceremony they painted their bodies and revived their ancestral myths when woman governed the world without mercy.

Our Water

Characterized by its slightly sweet, smooth to the palate, low mineral content and with a neutral pH, Aonni mineral water reflects a clean, light and pure taste.

Our House

With a unique architecture that reflects the constant change, movement, detachment and erosion, Aonni’s facility plant was constructed based on sustainable philosophy and materials, same used by the by the fists settlers that colonized Patagonia, that are resistant to the adverse climate conditions.

Equipped with top of the line technology and HAACP and ISO9001 safety and control standards, this building leaves nobody indifferent.
It produces 0% solid or liquid industrial residues.

Eco Trail

Enjoy photographs, sculptures or handcraft expositions from Patagonia local artisans while you enjoy a nice coffee and taste Aonni mineral Water while you sit down to marvel the view to the Magellan strait.
The Aonni Trail is a self-interpretative path that explores the Magellan flora and fauna where a unique micro biodiversity can be found that includes an assemblage of herbs and flours, lichen, liverwort, moos and fungi species, as well as a variety of birds present only in the Patagonia.

Pioneer spirit

The French-German brothers Bruno, Gabriel and Raymond Puntous arrived in 1997 in Chile from France.

After traveling through the whole country, they decided to settle down for a while in Punta Arenas, along with their maternal grandfather who was a great lover of the region. They get to know the goodness and quality of the region's water which is one of the most pristine region in the world and decide to build the Aonni House in 2001, destined to bottle the mineral water of the region in a sustainable manner, protecting and recovering the native forest, reducing the Carbon Footprint as well as promoting the natural resources that the Patagonia Region has to offer to the eco tourism lovers.